Effective Tricks to Control Your Portions


Effective Tricks to Control Your Portions

You might not know it, but even a seemingly modest portion of food could contain several hundred extra calories! The fact is, satisfying eating is a mind game. To avoid unwanted weight gain, you have to fool your brain into thinking that you are eating more. These tricks help reduce the risk of overeating without sacrificing meal satisfaction:

Use a Smaller Plate

This trick is an oldie but still a goodie. It is so effective that it can slash off several hundred calories your meal! Even better, you didn’t even pay a single dime to lose weight. Using a smaller plate leaves very little room for extra servings. So when you add food to the plate, the brain thinks you are eating more food, when it fact, it is the complete opposite. Eating on a small plate boosts satiety while reducing your caloric intake.

Leave at Least 3 Forkfuls Behind

You don’t have to finish off your meal every time you eat. To reduce your meal portions as painlessly as possible, try this trick: leave several spoonful of food behind. This trick will save you a couple of hundred of calories in every meal. We recommend leaving at least 3 forkfuls of your meal for optimum weight loss.

Split the Calories

Yet another old trick that works so great, sharing your food with friends help reduce your caloric intake by up to 50%. Do this every time you are dining out, especially if you are eating desserts or entrée. This goes especially if the portions from a restaurant are very generous! Splitting the calories reduces your caloric intake without sacrificing satisfaction. It helps if you forgo the entrée and go straight to the mains to avoid more calories.

Eat More Greens

If you really have a big appetite and you are struggling with portion control, we recommend boosting your consumption of healthy greens and reducing pork or beef portions. By filling your plate with greens, the brain is tricked into thinking that you are eating more. Just the sight of a full plate is enough to boost satiety with every meal! You can avoid even more calories by swapping calorific foods with low cal alternatives together with the greens!

Prep Your Snacks

Let’s face it, it is hard to watch your portions when you are snacking. But as long as you snack smart, you can enjoy a satisfying snack. Start by prepping your snacks beforehand instead of buying snacks at your local café or fast food joint. We recommend snacking on dried fruits, nuts, and healthy grains instead of chocolate bars or baked goods. Fresh fruits and sliced vegetables make an excellent mid-morning or afternoon snacks too! Make sure the portions will not exceed 100 calories so you don’t eat more than you should. This way, you can train your stomach to eat less, which helps control the appetite.

Savor Your Food

Inhaling your meal in two seconds will cause you to eat more than you should. Instead of wolfing down your meal in seconds, enjoy it. Eating too fast will only cause you to eat more because it takes 20 minutes before the brain signals satiety from a meal. The next time you eat, savor the flavors, chew slowly, and enjoy your meal.



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