California Lifts Mandatory Stay-At -Home Order


As you may have heard, the state of California has lifted its mandatory stay-at-home orders. This is a huge step towards normalcy! The vaccine is out and our hospitals are starting to get some much-needed relief.

At Worldfitnesshub we want nothing more than to be open and provide our members with a safe and welcoming place to exercise. For many locations, we have been able to do just that (click HERE to see all Worldfitnesshub locations). We have enforced capacity restrictions, mask mandates, temperature checks, and social distancing requirements. We have gone above and beyond with our Covid safety plan and protocols, much more strict than non-essential retail which is allowed to be open everywhere. These measures, combined with our stronger than ever commitment to cleanliness, have led to ZERO transmission of COVID-19 at Worldfitnesshub.

How can I help?

How can I help? – Contact your county! Call them, tweet them, email them and let them know fitness is essential.

Worldfitnesshub is making our communities healthier by providing the critical ability to fight obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and much more.  We provide for our members’ mental health with a place to combat the effects of inactivity and isolation like depression. Importantly during this time, we should also remember that exercise boosts your immunity.

My Worldfitnesshub membership

If your Worldfitnesshub location is open – we LOVE seeing you in the gym!

If your Worldfitnesshub location is temporarily closed – your billing is frozen and when the time comes to reopen we will make sure you are credited for any time owed on your membership as a result of the closures. We are fighting for you! We are working with all counties to reopen safely as soon as possible.




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