Symptoms And Causes Of Urine Infection


Our body requires a certain dosage of liquid that it needs to process the working of the body with. But once the working is done with, the excess of water along with the toxics in our body are flushed out through our genitals. This liquid is what we call in a proper word, urine and the duct through which the urine stored in the urinary bladder passes is called the urinary tract. Now urinary tract infection or UTI is a common disease caused by formation of infection in the urinary tract. However when we mention, urinary tract the entire of the elements from the kidney to the bladder and the urethra are considered which is anywhere the infectious cells might arise. Usually a fungal or viral condition, urinary tract infection is the second most common infection we human occur and here how we do.

Symptoms And Causes Of Urine Infection

Symptoms And Causes Urine Infection:

This article explain something important about what are the causes and symptoms of urinary infection which will helpful to take care treatment action before you suffer.

Urine Infection Causes:

Here we enlisted below 10 main causes of urinary infection that will help you to safe from infection.

1. Lack Of Proper Hygiene:

The first reason for the oncoming urine infection in the tract can be blamed on to the person or the victim since it is probably their lack of proper hygiene that caused the infection to form in the first place. The urinary duct much like any other duct is a soft and sensitive area that allows the toxic urine to pass through it in the process of discarding it. Without proper washing or cleaning of the genitals, one might easily fall prey to UTI. The usual recommendations concern themselves with proper cleaning every time you relieve yourself.

2. Unprotected Sex:

Another cause for UTI, one of the most common cause for UTI, is the consequence of unprotected sex. Often our genitals are sensitive areas that requires proper and due care. With unprotection the bacteria can freely pass on into you causing the disease. Even though there has always been a rising awareness regarding protection, the best advice is to follow the norms for a better health.

3. Diabetes Mellitus:

Recent research conducted showed that the type2 diabetes patients have a high chance of developing UTI. UTI is essentially the building of infection inside the urethra or the kidneys or the bladder containing the urine. In diabetes, our urination becomes frequent and this urine contains a lot of unprocessed sugar which is an idle breeding ground for bacteria to call themselves at home.

4. Catheter:

Often after a serious operation when one is bed ridden and cannot help themselves to the bathroom, catheter or colostomy bags are attached to us to help us relieve ourselves right by sitting at home. The catheter is induced inside the urinary tract which might be a leading cause for urine infection.

5. Kidney Stones:

When we speak about the urinary area, we usually mean the entire of the place, the kidneys producing the urine, the urinary bladder storing it and then the urinary tract that allows the passing. Often due to the various minerals accumulated in our body, stones may form inside the kidney which may cause UTI. These stones may block the normal flow of urine causing the condition.

6. Hernia:

Hernia is a medical condition when a part of the stomach contents inside the stomach bag forces itself out of its area and down the urinary tract. At times, this can be an upward gesture to. The end result is blockage of the urinary tract that leads to urine infection.

7. Prostate:

Enlarged prostate glands may also be the reason why you have incurred the urinary tract infection. The enlarged prostate puts excess pressure on the bladder and thus the duct therefore forming a UTI situation.

8. Menopause:

Urinary tract infection has direct relation to menopause since the post menopausal often the bladder or the duct develops a suitable environment for the bacteria to grow and mature.

9. Birth Control:

This is of course for the women on contraception. Contraception are pills and devices to stop oneself from getting pregnant after a coital act. Usually birth controls are very helpful and comes with no side effects at all, but when consumed on a regular basis, these contraception might result in formation of bacteria in the affected area and therefore forming urinary infection.

10. Bacteria Spread In The Anus:

Sometime bacteria’s may be claimed to be responsible for the occurrence of urine infection. There are more than one type of urine infection. Generally, urine infection on women occurs due to the spread of GI bacteria which further spreads from the anus to the urethra. The female urethra is located pretty close to the vagina, hence the bacteria can be transferred pretty easily from the anus. This bacteria can also be said to be one of the most sexually transmitted diseases and the infection is also pretty bad in this case. Among all the urine infection causes discussed above, this one is totally different and has been justified by many patients and sufferers of the urine infection. If you’re eager to know about the causes of urine infection, then it is recommended that you keep this point in mind.

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Symptoms Of Urine Infection:

The usual signs and symptoms that depict you developing an urine infection are enlisted below. As soon as you feel either of the problems cropping up, get yourself examined immediately.

1. Frequent Urination:

The most common cause of urinary tract infection, especially if it affects the bladder is its inability to store or hold the urine passed down from the kidney anymore. as a result the frequent need to relieve yourself occurs.

2. Discomfort:

Whenever there is a problem within yourself regarding the kidney, bladder or duct, you would feel the pressure and discomfort in your gut or pot belly. This is usually a feeling of slight pain and irritation which at times may show up in the form of a belly gut.

3. Change In Consistency:

Along with this, you would soon notice yourself relieving urine that is much different than before. The urine now has a strong ammonia smell along with a bright yellow or slight pinkish shade. Also the consistency would be much thicker and concentrated.

4. Pain While Passing Of Urine:

This is mainly when the bacteria formation has accumulated in the duct. The urine being warm and toxic when passes through the infection makes the area burn. You may notice a stinging sensation as you sit down to pee and that should be the wake up call for you.

5. Fever and Nausea:

Again one of the common side problems to UTI is the fever and feeling of fatigue that comes along with it. Accompanions may include a chill running down your spine as you feel weak and breathless. The feeling of nausea is also a persistent factor.

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6. Kidney Pain:

The kidney forms an integral part of the urinary systems and this too is an ideal place for the infection to arise. Even though most of the urinary tract infection sign related itself to abdominal pain, often you might experience a slight pain in your kidneys which would be the reason for the growth of the bacteria inside there.

7. Pelvic Pain:

Looking for symptoms of urine infection? This is one of the most common symptoms in women regarding urine infection. The pain in the pelvic portion is one of the causes behind the fuss about urine infection. A lot of women has experienced the aching in the pelvic portion and it has been justified that the reason behind such pain is the urine infection. One cannot simply get rid of this instantly. A lot of women still suffer from it. If the pain is severe, then it is recommended that you consult a doctor. The pain can take some harmful turns as well and the person suffering from urine infection might also have to be hospitalized. This is one of the most sighted urine infection symptoms.

8. Red Urine:

Red urine is one of the most possible symptoms of urine infection. One will face this particular symptom when that individual has already some kind of infection prevailing in the urethra. The germ of urine infection can easily spread to the urethra and do something wrong to the whole urinary function. This may be the reasons behind the malfunctioning of the urinary system and can also turn the urine red. This symptom is most sighted in men. Among all the symptoms of urine infection this one has been claimed as the most painful one. People literally suffer from it. After the urine turns red, there is nothing else to do than to make a distress call which will lead to a specialized clinic where doctors will provide you with advance solutions for fixing this particular symptom (this will only happen when medicine fails).

9. Small Amount Of Urine Flow:

Another frustrating and rather painful symptom of urine infection is that when one uses the bathroom to urinate there is no proper flow of urine. Among all the symptoms of urine infection, this one is the most sighted one and people suffer from it the most. There is hardly any relief from this symptom. Small flow of urine can be extremely harmful for one’s body. It doesn’t allow all of the urine stored inside to flow away at once. This can lead to many kidney issues as well. The germs stay inside. Though one has to make frequent runs to the bathroom to urinate, there is a scarcity in the flow of urine.

10. Strong Smelling Urine:

Even if you urinate, then will be unusual smell in the urine. The urine will have a strong smell which is reported as disturbing for some people. According to some women, through this particular symptom, they can easily determine that they are suffering from urine infection. This symptom is one of the most commonly sighted symptoms of urine infection among men.

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The above-discussed symptoms of urine makes one thing clear that if the urine infection is not fixed within a specific time, then it can take some bad turns and make one’s condition even worse. The causes behind the occurrence of urine infection also allow a person to prevent the happening of this infection.



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