Temporary Closure Announcement December 22, 2020 – Hayward and Oakland



Dear Worldfitnesshub Member,


We hope you have stayed well during the unprecedented health crisis created by COVID 19. The virus has taken lives, made millions more suffer as they walked the road to recovery, and disrupted our way of life in ways we never could have imagined. At Worldfitnesshub we want nothing more than to return to our pre-COVID life partnering with our members in the shared pursuit of wellness, fitness, and happier lives.


As of tonight, December 22, 2020 we will be temporarily closing our doors at Worldfitnesshub in Hayward and Oakland. We will always believe FITNESS IS ESSENTIAL! At Worldfitnesshub we were focused on our members’ health long before Covid 19 and we will be here long after the virus is gone doing the very same thing. We have done our best to be available to our members through the pandemic. The side effects of the quarantine like isolation and inactivity are contributing to other major health crises. Obesity, depression, alcoholism, mental health crisis, etc. are all up substantially over previous years. That is tragic and we want to help. Another great benefit of exercise is boosting the exerciser’s immune system. That seems like something we could all use right now!


Why are we closing now? The County of Alameda has decided to file a lawsuit against the business and issue substantial fines for each day we remain open. Sadly, we will not be able to again provide you these services and benefits until the Alameda County Health Order restricting fitness is lifted.


It has been disappointing to see the unfair treatment the fitness industry has received during the crisis. Worldfitnesshub has worked with gyms across the state to demonstrate that indoor fitness is a critical part of caring for the health of Californians. If retail stores can be open at 20% capacity as people run to stores for holiday gifts can’t fitness operate at 10% capacity? Worldfitnesshub has enforced mask mandates, required temperature screening at check-in for members and staff, and monitored 6’ social distancing in addition to 10% capacity limitations. We have closed the appropriate amenities. We have seen virtually ZERO transmission inside of fitness centers. Our data shows fitness centers are safer than most businesses and workplaces.


As we have remained open to serve our members, we have allowed members to freeze their memberships free of charge if they do not yet feel ready to come to the gym. We have also protected the job of any employee that was not comfortable coming to work.


While Worldfitnesshub could not believe more strongly that remaining open benefits our members and the public health of the community at large we feel compelled to close this week. We will miss you all again and appreciate your continued support, patience, and understanding. Like the first temporary closure, all membership dues, annual fees, and personal training services will be frozen until we are able to reopen. No one will be charged for any time lost due to the temporary closures.


If you have any questions please visit www.worldfitnesshub.com and see our covid related information or contact your club December 28th – 31st between 9am-5pm. Our Worldfitnesshub team members will be available and happy to help all questions you may have. See you soon.


In Good Health,





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