Smart Snacking: The Answer to Healthy Weight Loss


Smart Snacking: The Answer to Healthy Weight Loss

Contrary to popular notion, snacking is not bad to the waistline. When done right, snacking can actually help you lose weight and enhance satiety after every meal. Eating a snack or two between meals curbs hunger. This way, you don’t overeat on your next meal.

The key to smart snacking is being selective with the kind of snacks you indulge in. In today’s post, we are sharing practical tips so you can munch your way into a fitter body:

Go for Fiber-Rich Snacks

Fiber is an insoluble compound that fills the stomach and bulks up the stool. Consuming fiber-rich foods is a great way to boost satiety, enhance your weight loss potentials, and curb hunger. Instead of noshing on donuts or a slice of cake, opt for healthier snacks like oranges, apples, pears, or nuts. These snacks are packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients that promote better health. These foods are also loaded with fiber that fills you up nicely so you don’t inhale your next meal and consume more calories!

Mix it Up

Pairing different food combinations is a great way to explore different flavors and try out various textures. As long as you are pairing healthy snacks – like oranges with almonds or walnuts with yogurt, – then you won’t have to worry about weight gain at all!

The secret to perfect pairing is to mix a little protein with carbs. Studies show that a balanced mix of carbs and protein will help you lose more weight. Carbs provide the body with energy while protein fills you up nicely so you do not overeat. This nutrient is also essential in muscle building!

Prepare Easy Snacks

There are so many ways to prepare fast and easy snacks! You can pop seedless grapes in the fridge and take them as an after-meal dessert. You can also mix your favorite roasted nuts with low-calorie cereal, put it in a baggy and take it as a mid-morning snack in the office. You can also mix berries with steel cut oats, chuck them in a blender and add ice to make a blended smoothie! Really, there are so many combinations of healthy fruits and veggies you can try to prep a quick snack.

Indulge a Little

Depriving yourself will only cause intense cravings for fattening foods. There is no harm in indulging a little even if you are on a diet. This way, you can manage intense cravings more effectively. One way to do this is to drink a glass of wine, treating yourself to a few squares of dark chocolate or a slice of (low-fat or sugar-free) chocolate cake every now and then. And to avoid over-indulging, savor every bite.

Avoid Mindless Snacking

Mindlessly snacking on fattening foods is the quickest way to gain weight. According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who ate a meal without any distraction consumed fewer calories than those who ate a meal in front of the TV. The subjects that ate without distractions are also more satisfied with their meal as opposed to participants that ate while distracted. So resist the temptation to much mindlessly and you are well on your way to achieving a fitter, healthier physique.



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